401(k) Plans

You probably already know the importance of 401(k) plans and why they have become so popular. Compared to other qualified retirement plans, they generally meet many business needs at a lower total cost. These plans also come with many additional features and employee benefits, and the plan sponsor’s contributions are tax-deductible as well.

401(k) Plans

At RPAS we specialize in 401(k) plans. When we are retained to help a business establish or enhance their 401(k) plan, the primary role of the financial advisor is to work with our mutual client to help them choose some of the key features they would like to implement, and which investments will work best for the plan they select.

Upon hiring us, we deliver a variety of specialized 401(k) annual services, such as:
  • Special nondiscrimination testing and any necessary corrective action to satisfy the contribution percentage tests.
  • Calculating each participant’s match and/or profit sharing contribution.
  • Preparing any required employee notices for safe harbor 401(k) plans, SIMPLE 401(k) plans, automatic enrollment, etc.

401(k) Plan Recordkeeping

Administering a customized 401(k) retirement savings plan with a variety of design and investment features requires sophisticated accounting and recordkeeping capabilities. With our flexible software applications, we deliver customized services while we track the details of any type or frequency of plan contributions including:

  • Employee contributions: salary deferrals, rollovers, Roth contributions, plus other after-tax and mandatory contributions.
  • Employer contributions: matching contributions, profit sharing or non-elective contributions, qualified non-elective or matching contributions, safe harbor or SIMPLE 401(k) matching or non-elective contributions.

401(k) Plan Additional Assistance

RPAS routinely delivers a variety of annual reports and reporting services including: employer valuation reports, participant statements, all required participant notices, 401(k) discrimination reports, employee census listings, all signature-ready government filings, and comprehensive financial statements with income statement and balance sheet.
As a financial advisor, suggest the 401(k) option to your clients if they are looking for an exciting and low cost employee benefit and a tax shelter for the employer and employees. To find out more about our services and  how we can customize the design and administer an effective 401(k) plan for any of your clients, contact us now to explore the possibilities or to set up an appointment.