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Published newsletters and occasional industry articles are part of our ongoing support to our clients and to our expanding network of financial service professionals with whom we work to serve our clients.  Employee Benefits Update is our professionally-produced bimonthly newsletter, the six most recent issues of which are summarized below, with links to access each newsletter.  Appearing below our newsletters are articles containing industry updates, technical information, or consulting summaries which we produce and publish ourselves.  We hope you and your associates find this comprehensive information helpful.



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  • Understanding IRS determination letter program changes - How changes affect individually designed retirement plans
  • The uncertain future of Form 5500 - Will compliance burden increase?
  • Be prepared for your next - or first - QDRO
  • When is it best to claim Social Security? Online "claiming strategy" tools to help your employees


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  • Get your fiduciary house in order - DOL's newest regulations require plan sponsor action
  • Hardship withdrawal programs require strict administration
  • Who's to blame? Court equitably apportions fiduciary misdeeds
  • 2016 vs. 2017 retirement plan limits


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  • Using eligibility rules to control plan enrollment
  • Where's Waldo? Locating missing plan participants
  • Too many investment options may increase litigation risk
  • IRS permits high-earner Roth IRA rollover opportunity


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  • Small employers on notice - Fiduciary focus important for any size employer
  • IRS places high priority on retirement plan internal controls
  • Fair Labor Standards Act update - New employee exempt status threshold rules affect retirement plans
  • Hybrid pension plan interest credit rule amendment deadline nears


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  • DOL Fiduciary rule rocks plan investment advice landscape
  • Perception isn't reality - EBRI study reviews retirement preparedness
  • Advise DB plan participants carefully on lump sum window opportunities
  • Discriminatory plans that meet statutory requirements


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  • Make the change - IRS expands midyear safe harbor plan changes
  • Court dismisses excessive fee charge - When parties are considered fiduciaries
  • Studies support pairing auto-escalation with auto-enrollment
  • DOL liberalizes views on economically targeted investments


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