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RPAS is an expert in qualified plan consulting and design, and we have satisfying experiences going back to 1981 in giving our clients the service they need to enjoy the optimum results from their qualified retirement plans.

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Consulting and Design

Comprehensive Needs Analysis, Consulting and Design Services

You want to be sure that the company you team up with to design any plan for a client of yours is effective at personalizing the plan. At RPAS, we like to take an in-depth look at what your client needs and wants to achieve. In this way, we work together to make sure owners, key employees and their staff minimize their tax burden until they retire comfortably - and to make sure that the experience along the way is as fulfilling as possible.

Before RPAS designs any plan for your client, we will meet with you and/or your client to make sure we understand and appreciate the objectives and determine if the requested type of plan is best for the client. We always focus on executive and/or owner retirement planning as well as on employee retention. From the facts and articulated objectives gathered at these meetings, we then design a customized plan that will fit best into the plan sponsor’s business goals, personal objectives and the financial results which are important to them.

Get Tax Benefits

You can assure your client that RPAS works effectively with all types of qualified retirement plans to maximize all tax advantages. We also consult on income tax implications of different plan designs and strive to create a retirement program with minimal tax compliance issues.

We not only set up a plan, we also administer it, which means RPAS is in it for the long haul. We routinely draw on our expertise to review the plan annually and make any necessary changes that your client may require or desire. RPAS professionals understand that as a business grows and matures, its objectives may change, so every year we address possible changes in your client’s business so they are properly reflected in the design and operation of their retirement plan - the best possible retirement plan each and every year.

Excellence in Service!

So, don’t wait, contact RPAS now to talk to us about the special needs of your clients.