Defined Contribution Plans

Retain Valuable Employees and Create a Secure Retirement for the Business Owner.

There are several types of defined contribution retirement plans and each has its own unique benefits, recordkeeping and compliance issues.

401(k) Plans

401(k) plans are a relatively low-cost plan compared to other qualified retirement plans. They feature many employee benefits, and the client’s contributions are tax-deductible.

New Comparability / Cross-Tested

These plans provide the potential for greater benefits to targeted older employees who have fewer years to accumulate retirement benefits.

Profit Sharing Plans

Profit sharing plans provide a very flexible way for business owners to have employees participate financially in the success of the company.

403(b) Plans

A 403(b) plan is a tax-advantaged retirement savings plan available to not-for-profit organizations (Section 501(c)(3)) and to public education organizations, cooperative hospital service organizations and self-employed ministers.

Employee Stock Ownership Plans

Employee Stock Ownership Plans provide a way for employees to share ownership of the organization and participate directly in its financial performance.

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