Retirement Plan Administration

A Partner Committed to Your Success

Effective retirement plans are tremendous opportunities for business owners and employees. At the same time they are complex, and subject to compliance with ever-changing laws and regulations. Proper plan administration is crucial, and our competence is the foundation which distinguishes our team of RPAS professionals. In addition, to support your desire for a long-term client relationship, our commitment to plan administration combining the highest know-how and responsiveness continues to strengthen the connection.

Plan Administration and Compliance Review

When RPAS is administering a plan for your client, we make sure you are “in the loop” in the way you want to be. We will communicate with you about issues that may arise during plan operation and work with you to resolve them. RPAS is not here to compete with your business but rather to complement it. We do not provide advice on plan investments or participant education and communications – we focus on designing and administering retirement plans that work for your clients. This focus on doing what we do best enhances your ability to do what you do best.

RPAS does not stop our services after one-time involvement. Your clients will continue to need more, and we will continue to deliver what they need. Our comprehensive administration services routinely include no less than the following on an annual basis:

    • Questionnaire to update employer information to provide annual reports for the plan sponsor
    • Customized census requests to obtain updated information about employees
    • Analysis and reconciliation of all data
    • All compliance testing of the plan
    • Allocations / additional benefits for participants
    • Preparation of signature-ready required government filings
    • Peer review process of all work for quality assurance
    • Personal meetings or consultations to present all results and reports, and to advise on follow-up to maintain smooth operations and to minimize internal expense

Your Success is Our Success!

Call RPAS now to discuss your client’s needs. We will build and handle the administration of the best plan for your client, and you will have the satisfaction of a job well done.

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