Profit Sharing Plans

Advising your clients to implement a profit sharing plan is always in the best interests of your clients. Not only will your clients benefit, but their employees will as well.

Profit sharing plans enable a business owner to have their employees participate financially in the success of the company, and the business owner can determine the appropriate way this is handled. Implementing a profit sharing plan can directly support an environment in which every member of the team focuses on what makes the company successful.

Establishing a Profit Sharing Plan

Profit sharing is one of the plan types your clients will want to consider. Due to the nature of these plans, they do not fall under the same stringent government regulations as other retirement plan types. These plans are usually customized to recognize the unique elements of each business, its employees and its economic performance. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to profit sharing!

If one of your clients wants to implement such an important retirement plan for their employees, you need to turn to the experts for plan design and administration. RPAS is highly experienced in handling profit sharing plans, and we are also experienced in making advisors look good while we handle all the details of administering the plan. As the advisor, all that you need to do is talk to your client about what plan or investment product works best for their business.

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